Car Inventory To Go

What is Car Inventory To Go? (new)

Car Inventory To Go is a hosted Inventory Tracking System - This means no software to install or servers needed! Car Inventory To Go is the mobile and online solution that streamlines the tracking of your costs, expenses and sales as well as making reporting easier.

Who Uses It?

Any car wholesale and retailer who spends too much time on paperwork
or doesn't have timely financial information.

What is Included?

  • IPhone/iPad app (click link): Car Inventory To Go
  • Android app (click link): Get it on Google Play
  • Same features from phones are available on the web
  • Setup of your company
  • No longer manually filing in forms such as Title Applications, Bill of Sale or Buyers Guides. These forms can be completed with the data you enter into Car Inventory To Go.
  • Car Inventory To Go
Car Inventory To Go Email:

[email protected]

Free 30-day Trial

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Adding Cars
  • Check cars into inventory by scanning a VIN bar code and using the camera on your iPhone/iPad or Android or manually enter the VIN
  • With a click of a button, the VIN is decoded to year, make, model, style and engine type
  • Easily assign purchase date, amount and purchased from and stock into inventory
  • Interface to Quick Books © for less time and money spent on accounting
  • Print standard sales documents (Buyers Guide, Bill of Sale, Notice of Sale, Notice of Lien)
  • Automate state reporting for dealers licensed in Missouri and Texas (but can easily customize for other states as well)
  • Aged Inventory, commission and other reports also available

Watch these videos on reporting options:

  • Reports you can run from the iPhone/iPad/Android
  • How to interface data to Quick Books ©
  • How to submit dealership required reporting to the state of Missouri
Car Details
  • Assign other costs per car and sales to track profitability and commissions
  • Automatically print Buyers Guide when stocking in cars (for printers with email address)
Marking Cars Sold
  • Assign sold to and address (for reporting)
  • Assign sold amount
  • Add trade in information, payoff company, fees and taxes, and warranty sales if applicable
  • Enter lien information
Enter Expenses
  • There are many ways to enter expenses: one car at a time, apply bill from one vendor to many cars easily, or track non-car expenses such as utilities, rent, marketing or many other items
  • Select vendor, amount, and date
  • Can have many methods of payments including check, cash, credit card, wire or the ability to mark as pay later
Deposits/Pay Later
  • Entering expenses as incurred rather than as paid allows you to track expenses more accurately. Then later you can easily enter check information for accounting
  • Entering deposits for the day is also necessary for accounting

About Us

Contact Us

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-314-339-6966

We are a small car dealership ourselves - with similar difficulties as most dealers. It became increasingly difficult to collect all the expenses and apply them to the correct cars so that we knew the total cost at the time of sale. We looked for a product that could help us collect the car details timely and easily from anywhere. When we didn’t find anything for used car inventory management that met our needs, we decided to develop a system ourselves.

We have been using Car Inventory To Go since June 2012. It is an easy-to-use system so that smaller car companies feel like they have a full time accounting staff like the bigger car companies without the cost. Since the data is stored in the “cloud”, all the salespeople instantly have access to the same data.

Our key success points are:

Before After
Accounting 16 Hours 4 Hours
State Reporting 2 Hours 30 Minutes
Number of Times Data Entered 4-5 Times 1 Time
Analysis Little analysis was performed
because data was not easy to review
A click of the button to show
aged inventory and profitability
Sales Documents Hand written and time consuming Couple of mouse clicks and printed

Car Inventory To Go met our needs so well, that we decided to sell it to other car companies, who probably have the same frustrations we did. Please check out the rest of the website for more information and download the app from the Apple store or Google Play store to take for a test drive!



Unlimited Users $199 per month *
iPhone/iPad and Android Application
Web Application
Web Storage/Backup of All Data
Bank Level Security (SSL)
State Reporting **
Quick Books © Interface
Other Accounting Interfaces Review Required
Other Reports Review Required

* Based on < 1,000 cars/month. Inquire for prices for larger volume.

** Simply scan and send clean copies of reports and details on any electronic uploads.

System Requirements:

Web Application Browsers:
Internet Explorer 7 or higher
Fire Fox
Google Chrome

To Print Reports:
Adobe Reader © version 10 or higher
IE Setting to allow pop-ups from this website
iPhone/iPad App Operating System: version 8.0 or higher
Hardware: 5 iPhone or later
Android App Operating System: Lollipop (version 5.0) or higher
Requires ZXing © application installed for VIN Scan feature

If you get a message "Sorry, the camera encountered a problem. You may need to restart the device.",please go to Settings - Apps - find Car Inventory To Go - select Permissions and switch Camera to on.
Once you have decided that Car Inventory To Go is the best answer for you, click on the Free Trial link to create your unique user id and password. We will contact you about payment 30 days later.

Free Trial

Car Inventory To Go Create an ID from one of the two options on this page.

Then download the app from the Apple store or Google Play store.

Car Inventory To Go
Link to Apple store

Get it on Google Play
Link to Google Play store

Or use the web interface by clicking on this button

Option 1 - Create a new company with only your data.
Option 2 - Enter/edit existing test data.

Not sure about signing up? Just login and review test data already entered. You can also enter new cars or play with other features until you are ready to start your trial memebership.

User id: test
Password: test


Buy Here Pay Here

If you are selling cars under a buy-here-pay-here plan, Car Inventory To Go can help in a couple of ways.

  1. We can setup an email to send you a reminder to contact the customer 3 days before payment is due. Just send an email to [email protected] with your company name, your stocknumber, the payment day of the month, the payment amount and the email address. You can review items setup by logging into the web, click on Admin and then select Buy Here Pay Here.
  2. When you enter the car as sold for the first time, on the iPhone, click the multiple deposits switch. Enter the first payment amount. Then every month, enter each payment. It will show a running total of the amount remaining. On the web, when entering the Sold Amount, click on Cancel when asked if you want to apply the whole purchase amount to one deposit. Then click on Add Deposit to add the first deposit.

Both these items should help with your used car inventory management.

Managing Aged Inventory

Managing costs is an important process in any business but smaller independent dealers have different challenges. Used car inventory management is critical to make sure your money isn’t sitting around and not making you money. Some dealers have a strict policy to get rid of any cars over 45 days old. That can be limiting knowing that some of that time you could be missing the title or that other more pressing cars we’re put first for your mechanic’s time.

In reviewing your older cars, you should keep these points in mind:

  • If the car is sitting around so you don’t realize an eventual loss, remember your first loss is your best loss. Also the longer you hold onto a car, the less it’s worth. Sell the car to free up the money so this car quits depreciating and the next car can be profitable.
  • If the car is simply in the wrong season (for example a convertible, SUV or van), it makes sense to consider the cost of keeping it if the profit difference is worthy.
  • Make sure you know the physical location of each car. It’s easy to forgot that you put a car in a body shop and out of sight is out of mind. Discuss the delays with the shop and get that car back on your sales list ASAP.

Car inventory or car accounting systems like Car Inventory To Go can help generate aging reports easily so this information is readily available.

Font Size

You can make the font size on the phone bigger.

  • Select Settings from the main menu
  • Then select Preferences
  • Select your prefered font size and press Save

All screens will now be at the new size.

Texting Feature

To send car highlights via text:

  • Select the car in Car Details screen
  • Select the top right "forward" icon
  • Select the last option - Text Details
  • Once selected, your texting screen appears
  • Select who to send it to and add or change any details in the message.
  • Then just press Send.

Adding Reporting

The quickest reporting can be viewed on the phone including Inventory Aging and Commissions. Many of the reports will need to be run from the web/computer system including specific state reports. If we do not have your state’s reports, we need copies of the forms. The methods you can send them to us are:

  • Send the URL link to a blank form from your state website to our email at [email protected]
  • Scan the document and email it to us at [email protected]
  • Mail us the form directly to 330 Portico Court, Chesterfield, MO 63017

It is important we get an unfolded and clean copy as any marks will appear on the report you print. Then our team will pull in the data you’ve already entered and you can print the forms without hand-writing information. Once we receive the form, we will send you an email with the estimated time it will take before you can use it (usually between 1 day and 1 week depending on our volume of requests). All the state reporting is free and included with your monthly rate.

If you’d like a different report for commissions or other items, email us the details and we will also send you a time estimate. If it is a simple request, the cost is also free and included with your monthly rate.

Closing Commissions

Simple commissions are set up already. However you will want to close this either monthly or annually. All of this activity needs to be done from the web/computer. You can also run prior month’s commissions from the web if needed. Here are the steps:

  • Log into web at
  • Select “Sales and Other Reports” icon.
  • Select the “Commissions Report” tab.
  • Select either “Commissions Without Pack” or “Commissions With Pack” report. (NOTE: this may require you to enter the same login user id and password again).
  • Select the End of Month Date and press Run Report.
  • This report will show all cars that have not been closed out previous.
  • Review and print.
  • When you want to close the month, press the "Mark Cars as Commission Paid" button at the bottom of the screen.
  • After you close the month, you will need to run the “Commissions for Prior Months” report and enter the same date to see this information again.


If you have the latest iPhone/iPad Car Inventory To Go version 4.0, there is a new feature called Reminders. It is on the main screen. It is the same functionality as on your Calendar app. It allows you to set alerts monthly or annually as reminders. Examples of alerts are to remind yourself to slow down on buying cars in the fall or start to pick up buying cars before tax season.

Printing Buyers Guides Automatically

Many of the printers have the ability to have an email address. This will allow us to automatically print buyer’s guides every time you stock in a car. Here are the links for some printer manufacturers:

Epson ©:
HP ©:

Follow their steps to create an account, set up your printer and set up the email address. If you need help, email us and we can help you or the printer company will be able to help you. Other manufacturers may have this ability but we have tested with these two.

Then send us the email you created and we will get those setup for you.

This will print the front of the buyer’s guide that you can tape in the window to comply with federal law more easily.

Mileage Tips for Tax Deductions

One of the best tax deductions for car wholesalers is deducting all the miles you drive for work. Once you qualify for the IRS regulations, you still need to provide documentation of miles driven to your tax accountant. They would prefer dates, from and to locations and the number of miles between those locations. Most of us wouldn’t have the time and patience to record this manually. This is where other iPhone apps can help to eliminate the hassle, but provide enough information that even your tax accountant will be happy.

One application is Mile IQ. It records everywhere you go through the location feature on your phone. Once a month, it emails you to update if your trips have been personal or for business. It is simple to make these updates and provide additional detail too. Then at the end of the year, you can download this information for your tax accountant for the whole year. Chances are that they have been underestimating the miles driven by you and this could help increase your tax deductions. Some of these applications have a cost - this one is a monthly charge. (DISCLAIMER: Of course, you should review everything with your tax accountants to make sure you comply with IRS rules.)